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交叉編譯openresty,修復支持大文件 (LFS)

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SIM800L EVB x 樹莓派

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cloudflare-partner-cli: using CNAME on cloudflare


This is a CLI program that let you set CNAME to use Cloudflare using the partner program.

Both Python2.x and Python3.x is supported. No extra library is needed.

To use Chinese menu, set environment variable LANG to use UTF-8 (for example, zh_CN.UTF-8).


  1. Apply for partner program at
  2. Clone this repository or download script.
  3. Run python ./
  4. Enter your host_key. You can get it here.
  5. Enter the account you use to manage domains (your personal account, not partner login account). User key is stored in .cfhost.
  6. Follow the instructions on screen.


  • Value of resolve_to has to be DNS record (for example: instead of IP address.

cloudflare-partner-cli: 使用CNAME方式接入Cloudflare

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English Version

使用Cloudflare partner功能用CNAME方式接入cloudflare。


如需使用中文菜單,請將環境變量的LANG設置為使用UTF-8 (比如zh_CN.UTF-8)。


  1. 申請Cloudflare partner計劃 。
  2. clone本項目或者直接下載腳本
  3. 運行 python ./
  4. 輸入 host_key。可以從這裡獲得。
  5. 輸入要用來管理域名的賬號 (你的個人賬號,不是partner賬號)。賬戶信息保存在.cfhost文件中。
  6. 按照屏幕提示操作。


  • 源站地址必須為DNS記錄,如,不能填寫IP地址。



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SHC 是一個將shell腳本加密成二進制文件的腳本。使用隨機生成的密鑰對shell腳本進行RC4加密放到一個全局變量中(編譯後存在data段),然後在運行時解密。





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Solve Xposed module list become empty on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

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Recently I found module list in Xposed become empty after I upgrade my Nexus5 to 6.0.1 (M4B30Z, Dec 2016). And all the modules are not activating. So I open logcat and see the following:

Rovo89 said on a xda post that this file should be created if any module is activated. But somehow it didn’t do so on my Nexus5. So I create one myself and set correct permission (0644) and uid (you can run the Xposed Installer app and check the uid through ps |grep xposed). Then I reboot and check logcat again:

Looks like it’s still not working.

Then I realise that Android started to set SELinux to enforce from Lollipop (5.0) so this should be the problem. (We can use dmesg|grep audit to check if the problem really related to SELinux. ) I compared a random file under /data/data to the file we just created:

So all we need to do is to change this conf/modules.list to u:object_r:app_data_file:s0:c512,c768 as well

restorecon is a applet shipped with toybox, we can also use chcon to manually set SELinux context.